Finding Peace Within Christian Meditation

Meditation | Use A Christian Meditation To Practice Self LoveWhen it comes to turmoil and unrest, let’s face it, we live in a time that has a great deal of both. And although one might say that most of the chaos is occuring on the macro level, if you believe anything about quantum physics, you know that regardless of color, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation, disharmony and discontent can quickly trickle down to the micro. Enter meditation.

Brett Anningson pens this latest Times And Transcript post about using a Christian meditation to cope with times like these. According to Anningson, although meditation is normally thought of in a more new agey context, the practice of meditation by Christians is an ancient one. In his post, Anningson focuses on a recent conference organized by the Canadian Christian Meditation Society.

The conference was put on by an ecumenical group called the Canadian Christian Meditation Society which focuses on one type of meditation as an entry into the practice. We might call it “mantra” meditation, where one repeats a word over and over until one loses themselves in the repetition.

The word suggested by the society is an Aramaic one, maranatha, which means “Come oh Lord.” And the idea is to enter a meditative state by using it almost as a breath prayer. What you do is to find a comfortable place to sit with your eyes closed and your muscles relaxed, and then you say “ma-ra” as you breathe in and “na-tha” as you breathe out.

Father John Mains was the man who started this. He believed that we needed to connect to a more basic, traditional mode of prayer. He describes it as a journey into the heart in order to find harmony and peace.

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