Finding Peace Within Tinnitus

While it’s highly recommended to meditate (especially for beginning meditators) in a calm and quiet space, for some people because of a condition that produces a constant ringing in their ears, finding that perfect spot might not be possible. Tinnitus, a condition with multiple causes that affects about one in five people ages 55-65, can affect one or both ears and is usually described as a ringing, high pitched whining, or humming noise. Research has show that relaxation techniques in combination with meditation can help lesson an individual’s symptoms.

According to this TinnitusDX post, while presently there are no end-all be-all cures for tinnitus available, using any means by which to slow the body down to help witness rather than identify with the noise can be helpful. The list of techniques include: autogenic relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and meditation.

Many tinnitus sufferers have found their symptoms lessened through practiced meditation. If you have a hectic schedule, try waking up a half-hour early and setting aside that time to meditate. Not only will it get your day off to a good start, it will also give you a sort of mental “home page” to go back to when things seem to be spiraling out of control.

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