Finding Relief From Tinnitus Through Mindfulness

Meditation | Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Can Be Helpful In Providing Relief From TinnitusFor those who don’t know, Tinnitus is a condition that produces ringing in the ears. Annoying for some, many find it downright unbearable. And while at present there’s no known cure for the condition, research is currently being conducted on the use of meditation, hypnosis, and other mind-body centered techniques to provide relief.

ABC News recently posted an article on using mindfulness as a way separate the ringing from the stress, anxiety and other negative emotions the condition often causes. According to author Kim Carollo, the point is to relax the mind and body so that a person’s stress response is lessened. Similar mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques are currently used for a variety of other conditions.

Experts in alternative medicine say the mindfulness techniques are becoming more popular remedies for a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, stress, itching, addiction and digestive disorders.

A report by researchers at Harvard Medical School released in May found that more than 6 million Americans are advised by traditional doctors to try meditation and other mind-body interventions. For sicker patients, these nonconventional approaches make them feel better physically and emotionally.

Read more from Carollo on using meditation, mindfulness, and other alternative methods to treat Tinnitus here.

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