Four Methods To Promote Spiritual Health

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Benefits Connection With A Higher PowerAlthough alternative health practices like meditation, yoga, reiki, and the like haven’t been in Western consciousness for that long, the use of these somewhat obscure, yet nevertheless powerful healing modalities to mend a person’s mind, body, and spirit continue to gain in popularity. Why? Because they work. And while for us Westerners the idea of a quick fix permeates our rationale, those methods which operate on a much more subtle level lovingly teach us to become more mindful of what it means to be in good health.

Checkout this recent Blog Critics post on four alternative methods to cultivate spiritual health. Top on the list? Meditation, of course. According to Jill Magso, meditation is a powerful way to connect to a higher power. She provides example for both non-denominational as well as Christian Meditation.


When people think of meditation, they usually think of someone sitting cross-legged on the floor doing deep breathing exercises while trying to keep their mind clear. While this can be true, it is possible to meditate with specific goals in mind. Spiritual healing can be done while meditating by focusing on a higher power and connectedness during the meditation session.

People who meditate and are of the Christian faith can begin by focusing on one passage or verse in the Bible. As they begin to meditate they think about the verse and how it pertains to them or how they feel God may want them to interpret it. Doing this can help to make the verse clear in their mind and help them to feel closer to living life as God would like them to.

One of the meditation techniques to heal spiritually while meditating can be to focus on connecting to a higher power. Focusing on connecting to a higher power can open the door for a greater feeling of connecting to the self, humanity as a whole, and the higher power as well.

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