Get Spiritual (And Happy) With Meditation

Meditation | Become Spiritual And Happy With MeditationAlthough today meditation is the celeb du jour and is practiced by those rich and famous the world round, believe it or not, this life changing alternative healing practice wasn’t always the talk of the town. And while there are numerous types of meditation practices in which a beginning meditator can choose from, the important thing is to find that practice which resonates with you and your own unique personality and health goals.

Tunali Mukherjee pens this recent Mid Day post on several meditation practices including Pranic Healing, a mind body healing technique that raises consciousness in the body’s 7 chakras. According to pranic healer Shristi Mehra, whereas many people have reason to think that a meditation practice is inherently religious, in actuality, meditation is a spiritual exercise.

Pranic healer Shristi Mehra says, “Meditation is a spiritual exercise, and not a religious one. It’s about getting in touch with one’s inner self and the awareness that one is a soul in a body,” she says. But just as there are several religions, there is more than a single way to meditate. “Different schools of spirituality offer different methods. Some teach Rajayoga meditation, while some offer Kriya Yoga, and others teach Bhakti Yoga Meditation,” says Shristi.

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