Getting Refreshed Through Christian Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Use A Christian Meditation To Experience JoyThere’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment after a good physical workout. As the body’s endorphins are released, a person experiences a sense of health and well being. What most people don’t consider is that, like the body, the mind also needs exercise. Without it, a person can feel helpless and hopeless. Meditation is a valuable tool that not only provides mental calisthenics, but also a way for a person to reconnect to their sense of self.

Leon Fontaine takes a look at the benefits of meditation in this recent Winnipeg Sun post. Citing the fact that many psychologists and doctors attribute a majority of disease to the effects of anxiety and stress on the body, Fontaine shares how a Christian meditation can help people to experience peace of mind and joy.

So how do we meditate?

1. Biblical meditation is simple. It really just involves consciously choosing what you will focus on and think about. Start by setting aside time each day to read God’s word. Instead of just rushing through chapters, take some time to think about what you’ve read. What does it mean in context? How does it relate to your life? What can you take away and put into practice? Through meditation, we change mere knowledge into life-transforming beliefs.

2. Meditation is not emptying your mind — it’s filling it with God’s word. When you think of meditation, do you picture someone sitting cross-legged chanting something to empty their mind of all thoughts? That’s not the type of meditation I’m talking about. Biblical meditation isn’t an emptying of your mind; it’s choosing what to fill it with.

3. Meditation is different from memorization — it puts God’s word in the centre of your heart instead of the forefront of your brain. Proverbs 4:21 says meditation allows you to fill your heart with the promises from God. It’s about letting a deep-rooted understanding sink down to your very core. You don’t just know that it’s possible to conquer a storm; you’re convinced you will conquer any that life throws your way. Meditating on God’s promises brings strength, peace of mind, and confidence—the antidote to fear, anxiety and worry. It causes your beliefs to become aligned with the word of God.

4. Jesus was at ease in the midst of storms — providing us a perfect example of how to turn to God in times of trouble. We all have problems from time to time, and some of them may even seem impossible to overcome. Maybe you’re going through a season of grief or you’re struggling with an addiction or a financial problem. Whatever it is, God will give you everything you need to claim victory. Find verses that promise you victory and meditate on them each day until your heart believes.

5. Spending time each day studying His word and getting His promises embedded into your heart equips you with an intuition that speaks louder than any voice. You’ll know which direction to take, and you’ll have peace of mind and confidence as you move forward in life.

Read more from Fontaine on how to practice a Christian meditation here.

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