Grounding In The Muladhara Chakra

Meditation | Heal Emotional And Physical Imbalances With A Chakra MeditationIf you’re familiar with energy medicine and your chakra system, then you know how essential it is to keep your chakras in proper balance. An energy system out of balance can lead to emotional and physical issues that can have long term consequences.

Although all of the chakras are important, when it comes to issues like survival, stability, needs, and a sense of groundedness and security, bringing balance and harmony to your first chakra, also known as the root chakra or the muladhara chakra, is primary. (Note: mooladhara is an alternate spelling)

Michelle Fajkus pens this recent Elephant Journal post on the importance of the muladhara chakra. According to Fajkus, using meditation and other types of healing and relaxation techniques, it’s possible to bring balance to your root. Fajkus outlines several helpful tips in her post:

1st chakra thoughts: Being grounded simply means embodying the present moment. We are all hard-wired with the victim mentality. It’s tough to get rid of the ego’s subconscious notion: “Why me?” (Or, “Why not me?”) Balancing the first chakra means going to the places that scare you, sitting there, breathing, feeling your body, feeling your feelings completely, not wriggling away, not plotting your escape. A healthy root chakra is connected to both the earth and the sky, the grounded, solid quality of reality as well as the expansive spaciousness of acute awareness.

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