Harnessing Your Peace Of Mind

Since a very early age, most of us have been instilled with the belief that the person with the most toys wins. Clearly a problematic lesson for those without much, that said, even for those who have a lot (of material things), the message is a set up for failure.

Maybe it’s a gift of being older. Or maybe I just got hit over the head enough times to finally start paying attention, but if you’re anything like me, you know that true peace of mind comes from that internal relationship with self and not from a shiny new car.

Michael Kimmel in this recent Out and About post discusses several ways in which peace of mind can be achieved. In addressing the article to an LGBT population, his message about using religion, meditation, and cognitive therapy and affirmations is spot on for anyone regardless of sexual orientation.

Meditation: Meditation has often been portrayed as some big mysterious thing. The truth is, meditating is about being quiet and listening to yourself. Period. Your thoughts can drive you crazy – have you noticed? Meditation is simple:  the hard part is just slowing down enough to do it. There are lots of different ways to meditate and there are several LGBT-friendly meditation groups here in San Diego County you can check out. The real benefit of meditation – whatever type you try – is that it helps you slow down and see what you’re thinking and what’s going on with you internally. This greatly increases your access to feeling peaceful and contented more of the time.

Read more from Kimmel on finding your peace of mind through meditation here.

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