Having Trouble Getting Into The Meditation Groove?

Meditation | Meditation Deals With Material From The UnconsciousNo one said this life was going to be easy. Thank goodness we have ancient healing practices proven to work over thousands of years by sages, shamans, and the like to help us out. And while for some meditation can be a bit challenging not only when it comes to finding the time to practice, but also with material that arises from the unconscious, the point is to keep trying, acknowledging that working through the resistance is half the battle.

Judd Handler pens this recent Mother Nature Network post to help provide support for those either looking to get into a meditation practice or those current meditators having a bit of difficulty sticking with it. According to Handler, who warns that your life might just change for the better if you decide to meditate, the inner journey can be practiced anywhere. She even gives some helpful tips.

How long should I meditate?

If you’re new to meditation, try just one to two minutes, maximum, at first, and notice how hard it is to not let your thoughts take over. Remember, the goal of meditation is to focus on your breath. You may also focus on a simple phrase you want to attract in your life — peace, wealth, wellness.

It’s OK if you have thoughts creeping in; Don’t give up at first. In fact, it’s not likely you’ll ever become a spiritual master and transport your spirit to another dimension. So when you notice your mind is focused on thoughts think of them as passing clouds.

Recognize the fact you’re thinking instead of meditating. Bring yourself back to your breath and phrase/mantra. Try staring at a candle flame. That will really zone your mind out. (Remember staring at campfires? How meditative!)

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