Healing ADHD With Meditation

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where the first thing that many of us turn to (including me) is the quickest and easiest solution. And although Western Medicine is transformative and most definitely saves lives that would have been lost without it, sometimes the easy way out merely prolongs the issue, albeit unconsciously. I’m not saying, don’t take drugs. Rather, reflect on what it is that you are suffering with and consider that it might be the call to start paying attention to yourself through practices like meditation.

Kathryn Goetzke, in this recent Psych Central post, shares her experience with what she calls the “H” in an ADHD diagnosis and how a meditation practice helped her to begin to transform this oftentimes shameful label. According to Goetzke, meditation taught her to not only learn how to not run from her emotions, thereby staying in the present, but that she could also give herself permission to become aware of, rather than act on, her impulses.

I wish I had meditated as a younger person.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I am making my biggest contribution to society while exhibiting the least amount of effort.  I’m taking time out to care for myself and make better short-term decisions that will benefit me in the long-term, and I am being rewarded.  Meditation is BY FAR the best tool I have found that trains me to literally sit through my impulses, as they, too, shall pass.

Read more from Goetzke on using meditation to heal ADHD here.

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