Healing Loss Through Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Makes It Possible To Transcend The Pain Of Loss And LonelinessIt’s the unfortunate truth that all of us will suffer loss at some point in our lives. And although we pay more attention to those big ones like the ending of a relationship or the loss of a parent, if you’re mindful enough, you’ll notice that some form of loss occurs every day.

Don’t believe me? Consider the birth-life-death-rebirth cycle that happens every second. The trick, however, isn’t to do away with loss. While first off being impossible, secondly it’s not very healthy for one’s evolution. That said, practices like meditation can help to soften the blows.

Deepak Chopra takes a look meditation as a cure to loneliness and loss in this recent Care 2 post. According to Chopra, one of the most difficult aspects of loss is the fear of emptiness behind it. Coupled with the sense of isolation, many find themselves utterly helpless and hopeless. Through setting an intention and placing one’s awareness on the heart center, however, Chopra suggests that it’s possible to heal the pain.

As a child it was easier to cure loneliness, because the presence of a parent was enough to offer reassurance. As an adult, loneliness becomes more existential – it feels as if you have been abandoned, yet you cannot say by whom.

Invite spirit in with a meditation on the heart. Sit quietly for a moment, placing your attention on your heart, at the center of your chest under the breastbone. When you are settled, repeat the word “peace” silently, and see its influence radiating out from your body in all directions. Do this three times, and then say the word “happiness” the same way. Repeat three times, then go on to “harmony,” “laughter,” and “love.”

Sit quietly for a few minutes after each session with eyes closed and simply appreciate the simplicity of quiet awareness. End it by sitting quietly and asking to be allowed into the refuge of your heart. Feel your heart as a soft, warm enclosure; settle there with your attention, and rest as long as you wish. If you repeat this technique enough times, you will find that the presence of spirit is very real and accessible.

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