Helping The World Heal Through Meditation

For most people, the practice of meditation holds within it the promise of a more serene, calm, and objective life. So what does this have to do with helping the world to heal? Everything.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the recent tragedy in Japan has done a number to our overall sense of safety and peace. With more that 10,000+ people feared dead how could it not? Although we don’t stand much of a chance in telling mother nature how to behave, one thing that we do have control over is how we meet mother nature.

In this honest and passionate post from Lori Landau, the artist, yogi, and mom takes a fresh perspective at what it will take to heal the world: meditation. According to Landau in this Technorati post, by focusing on the micro we have a chance to positively affect the macro.

…There’s an old saying that “the universe helps those who help themselves.” So while it might seem crazy or selfish, I’m turning that saying on its head and helping the universe by helping myself. And I’m going to do it by meditating.

See, I figure, if the macro-universe can affect the micro-universe, than it also works the other way around. And I know from my 20-plus year practice that meditation makes me a better person. Calmer. Less reactive and more proactive. I know that meditating helps me make better choices about my own behavior. It makes me more empathic.This in turn, affects the way people respond to me.

Of course meditation alone doesn’t do the dirty work of cleaning up after crisis. But experts agree that it’s going to take a paradigm shift in our thinking to solve our current problems. Which means that our thoughts themselves have to change in order to effect true transformation.

Read more from Landau on how to use meditation to heal the world here.

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