Hey Mom! Relaxation Meditation Everyday

Meditation | Use Meditation And Yoga To Cope With Overwhelming StressI’m sure that no one would argue being a mother isn’t one of the hardest jobs on the planet. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 18 years straight (approximates, of course), mom spends her time not only caring for herself and her home, but also for her children. And by care I mean emotionally, physically, and until they get old enough, spiritually. If mom doesn’t take the time to care for herself, whose going to take care of us!?

Stephanie Taylor Christensen pens this recent She Knows post on mom’s need to relax through practices like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to keep from getting frazzled. According to Christensen, finding time to “be” while at the same time “doing” presents somewhat of a challenge, especially for working moms. She outlines the benefits of letting go to help get moms motivated to take relaxation seriously.


It’s important that we working moms allow ourselves time to be still, for mental well-being and physical payoffs.  Yogis have long understood the benefits of using the breath to calm the mind, and how it can impact the critical systems of the body. Medical science has also taken note. According to the Mayo Clinic, practicing relaxation techniques can slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, ease anger and frustration, and reduce chronic pain and muscle fatigue.

Knowing how to harness the power of your breath can also boost confidence in dealing with challenges; it’s your natural tool in gaining control over stress, and your responses to it.

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