Higher Momentary Awareness Through Meditation

Meditation Benefits | Higher Momentary Awareness Is Achieved Through MeditationIf you’ve been practicing meditation for a while, you know that finding peace within can have a direct impact on how you orient and interact with the outside world. No other focusing technique seems to be more powerful when it comes to interpersonal relationships. And while sure it’s fun to “talk it out” in therapy, ultimately, the only resolution that matters is between you and you. So let’s begin…

Wayne Codling pens this recent Times Colonist post on just how beneficial meditation is to a person’s well being. According to Codling, in an ideal world, mindful internal focus would extend to all the activities in one’s life. The more the better, meditation enables a person to manage the ups and downs through greater awareness.

Peeling carrots

The natural question is, “What do you mean the “way” I peel carrots? I just peel carrots the usual way; I use a peeler and remove the carrot skin; how many “ways” can there be?”. Meditation teaches us how to bring a high level of moment-by-moment awareness to all activity. Moment by moment, patterns of thought arise and highjack our awareness. Maybe a pile of peelings will accumulate and some fall heedlessly on the floor. If the peeler sticks maybe there’s a moment of rage. The appearance of any of the “poisons” (ie, greed, hatred, jealousy, heedlessness, self aggrandizement, etc.) within mundane, usually solitary activities is much easier to acknowledge and to counteract than in the bigger, more significant activities. This is one way that meditation impacts on an individual.

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