Holistic Health And Meditation Take Charge In Canadian High Schools

Meditation Benefits | Meditation And Holistic Healing Practices Help Kids Grow UpLeave it to our neighbors to the north, some of the most socially progressive people on the planet, to bring meditation and other holistic healing methods to where they’re needed the most: high school. I don’t know about you, but I wish someone where I grew up was thinking along those lines. Would have made puberty a bit easier!

In this latest Global Regina post, Julie Finkelman introduces us to a high school in Edmonton (Canada) who recently adopted a holistic health program called H2O (short for Holistic Health Option) to help its students better adapt to growing up. According to Finkelman, the class which focuses on many healing techniques other than just meditation, also benefits students in that it’s completely void of any technological components.

“H2O” or Holistic Health Option, lets students get in touch with themselves emotionally and physically. The class does hot yoga, zumba, roller skating, power walks and meditation. There is also an in-class component where the students learn about nutrition as well as healthy eating and sleeping habits.

Community service is one of the requirements for the course, students are expected to go out into the community and volunteer.

Read more here from Finkelman on how this Canadian classroom is helping its student cope with growing up through meditation and other holistic practices.

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