How A Mindfulness Meditation Teaches You To Show Up

Meditation | Practice Mindfulness Meditation To Become More PresentTake a moment and stop what you’re doing. Check in with yourself. That is, check in with your mind. What is it doing? Is it concentrating on the words on the screen or is it also absorbed in the thought of what you’re going to have for dinner tonight or even what you have planned for tomorrow?

For most of us, we’ve become so accustomed to multi-tasking that unfortunately we’ve trained ourselves right out of focusing on a specific task at hand. And while it might allow us to accomplish many things at once, the question is, with that much going on, how much are you actually enjoying what you’re doing?

Checkout this recent Wisconsin Rapids Tribune post on the subject of mindfulness and how cultivating more of it through practices like mindfulness meditation, a person can get more enjoyment out of life by learning to show up for it. According to the article, mindfulness has 5 components, each of which builds upon the other to help you become and remain present.

  • Quieting our mind. Acknowledge that we have racing thoughts and constant internal dialogue which, for the most part, is negative. Mindfulness equals less negative chatter. We need to rid ourselves of the chatter that bogs down our ability to pay attention to what’s happening in our lives at any given moment.
  • Focusing our attention. How do we dial into what we are doing in a particular moment (listening, talking, project, etc.)? One simple technique for focusing our attention is breath awareness. Consciously controlling and slowing the breath can help release stress and anxiety that prohibit us from focusing on the moment.
  • Focused intention. Realizing that our thoughts — positive and negative — have a powerful influence on our life. Through positive intention and creative visualization we can make mindful changes in our lives.
  • Handling negative emotions. Every day we are faced with vast opportunities to express our emotions. Are they going to be positive or negative? Negativity is inevitable and usually dominates. We need to make a conscious decision to change, and become a positive thinker.
  • Acknowledge self and others. Acknowledgment of ourselves begins where we have already been successful. Seek out achievements that have already been created with gratitude and joy. It is also important to acknowledge others and their achievements without judgment or competition.

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