How A Walking Meditation Can Save Your Career

Everybody gets mad. Frustration and anger are just two emotions that exist on the feeling wheel. It’s what you do with those feelings that can make or break a situation. While some people are much better at dissolving and even hiding anger, others are not. Unfortunately, those in the latter category might just find themselves jobless if they can’t figure out a solution.

Andrew G. Rosen in his latest US News post discusses how a simple meditation practice called a walking meditation could be the solution to those who suffer from anger while on the job. According to Rosen, the goal of a walking meditation is to become aware of your thoughts, your body, your breathing and your surroundings. In his six-part guide to using this practice, Rosen takes into consideration the preparation, consideration and completion items needed in order to succeed. Step five holds the key: to clear your mind.

Step Five: Keep your mind quiet. As you walk, thoughts will pop into your head. Some of them will be negative thoughts about work. Others might be about how you have 1,000 things to do when you get home tonight. As each thought comes up, acknowledge it, let it go, and concentrate on the walk. This walk is to clear your mind—not clutter it. It is important not to become angry with yourself if this task is difficult for you. Most people are surprised about how difficult it is to shut off their brains for a few minutes! With some practice, it will become easier for you to quiet your mind.

Read about Rosen’s six-part walking meditation guide here.

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