How Aware Are You?

Anyone who uses meditation on a regular basis has all the keywords down: mindfulness, presence, and in the moment…to name just a few. But what if you don’t meditate regularly and in fact, have no idea how to meditate. What to do?

Mary Jaksch from Goodlife Zen in her latest post reminds us of a concept that even the most dedicated of meditators could use to remember and one that can help any beginner. The term is awareness.

Most meditation practices center around this idea that asks of a person not to concentrate on any one thing per se. Rather, to let the mind go and becoming aware of one’s surroundings.

So, what does this actually mean? It’s hard to become aware of what seems ‘normal’ to us. If you were a fish, for example,  You wouldn’t be aware of water, would you? In order to understand ‘water’, a fish would have to be outside of its ‘normal’ element.

That’s exactly what meditation training does: we come aware of what is usually hidden by going outside of our ‘normal’ mode of experiencing. If you were a fish, for example, you would only understand water if you were lifted out of it.

In the process of training our awareness through meditation, we learn to understand how our habitual thoughts shape our  reality.

Read more from Mary Jaksch including a meditation experiment to test just how aware you are here.

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