How Deep Into Denial Are You?

If there’s one thing that can be said about meditation, it’s if you are doing it “correctly,” there aren’t a lot of places to hide. Freedom from denial is a benefit (and for some a curse) that meditation offers. And while this opportunity might be a hard wake up call for some, for most, freedom from denial is a nice place to be.

Frank Jude Boccio in this Yoga Journal post embraces the idea of denial and the freedom from it through meditation. According to Boccio, a good place to start on your path out of denial is through the Five Remembrances, Buddha’s teaching on impermanence, aging, health, change, and death. It is in these teachings that a person can embrace reality through the acceptance of impermanence.

Through your attachments you create mental manacles that bind you to the limited view that life is your life, your body, your lover, your family, your possessions. As your insight into impermanence deepens you start to see the truth of the “no-separate-self.” When you can extend beyond the limits you’ve created you see that your life is not really “yours” but all of life itself manifesting through you.

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