How Energy Work Can Help You Heal From Depression

Many people in this world suffer from depression. A sometimes debilitating condition that renders a person seemingly helpless when in its grips. Some find peace in working on a psychological plane while others recognize that although their thoughts are a part of the problem, depression’s roots exist within an energetic space as well.

Cindy Battino in her Suite 101 article explores how energy work can help alleviate and even cure depression. Focusing on the teachings of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (a school whose curriculum focuses on the psychological model developed by Dr. William Reich called the Five Characterological Defenses), Battino examines how Barbara Brennan School energy workers are taught to not only help clients examine why they react the way they do, but also how to bring consciousness to a client’s negative belief patterns and a truth to who a client is.

According to Battino, these energy workers focus on clients’ energy fields, chakras, and their Hara or an individual’s positive intention. Paramount to the practice is the belief that each client is the healer, meaning they alone control the healing. The energy worker is only there to assist.

As an energy worker, I don’t believe that God is mean. He doesn’t punish. Therefore, people have manifested depression for a reason. As an energy worker I believe that our injuries and dis-eases are physical manifestations of our woundings. Depression is a tool for people to learn life lessons. Allow an energy worker to help you come through the rabbit hole a happier and more joyful person. Allow them to help you find another piece of yourself that has gotten lost along the way. Allow them to help you on your path from hopelessness to hope.

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