How High School Students Learn To Relax

Oh how I can remember the days when all I had to do was worry about playing. And while that seemed stressful to a nine year old, it’s nothing when compared to what’s in store for most people as they start to grow up! Luckily for today’s growing youth, the world is changing a bit when it comes to teaching the skills needed to help them in the long run. Relaxation techniques to help deal with stress is one such skill set.

In this latest article from My High School Journalism, high school senior Gina Marie Huff explores the art of relaxation and how helpful it can be for high school students when it comes to graduation and beyond. According to Huff, important in choosing a relaxation technique is finding one that fits with your schedule and one that honors who you are.

To release those negative thoughts, it is important to partake in a technique that works for you. There are plenty to choose from. It could be something brand new and that you would never think about doing, or it could be an activity that you absolutely love being a part of but do not leave room for it in your daily schedule.

Read more from Huff on how to use relaxation techniques to help deal with stress and negative thoughts here.

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