How Important Is Meditation To Your Spiritual Practice?

Meditation | Channel The Wisdom Of God Through MeditationAlthough there are many physical and emotional benefits when it comes to meditation, truth be told, any practice’s main intention is to help a person get closer to their own personal relationship with God. Whether that be referred to as Energy, Spirit, Christ, or the like, meditation focuses a person’s awareness inward so that communication with the Divine can be realized.

Syed E. Hasan and A.M. Bhattacharyya pen this recent Kansas City Star post on meditation and its roots within the Islam and Hindu traditions. According to Hasan, found throughout the Qur’an are references to meditation as the means by which to understand natural laws and to accept the primacy of one God. Alternatively, Bhattacharyya says in the Hindu faith that meditation is used to channel the wisdom of God.

Meditation is the continuous application of the mind to the contemplation of a religious object of reverence as a spiritual exercise. Since the earliest period of Hinduism, seers and saints of all ages practiced and perfected the meditation technique, which helped them attain a very high spiritual level. Ancient Vedic seers could communicate with God in a deep meditative state, and used to receive God’s words of wisdom, which were eventually recorded in the Scriptures of Vedas and Upanishads.

Read more here from Hasan and Bhattacharyya on meditation and reflect on the question, how important is a meditation practice to your faith?

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