How Mainstream Is Energy Healing?

Unfortunately, the less objective and more subjective healing arts, like energy healing, have taken a long time to gain popularity in the West. It’s not easy to convince people that someone is actually doing something when a person guides their hands over you to help realign your chakras. The truth is, that we live in a society that bases the success of treatment on almost instantaneous results. The problem is that certain effective healing arts work on a subtle energetic plane where results are just that, more subtle, but not less effective.

According to Julie Curtis’ latest Daily Fairfield post, energy healing has become much more mainstream…at least at Greenwich Hospital. In an interview with Roberta Brown Brugo, a licensed massage therapist who works at the hospital, Curtis finds out that patients in the surgical, labor and delivery, and oncology wards are being offered a much more holistic approach to healing. The goal with energy healing’s noninvasive approach is to help reduce pain, decrease anxiety, and improve overall well being.

Roberta details some of the extraordinary ways Healing Touch affects her patients, who run the gamut from pediatric to geriatric. “They experience reduced pain and anxiety, as well as less tension and stress. It also helps accelerate wound healing, promotes restful sleep and improves a sense of well being.” Additionally, she says, Healing Touch decreases some of the side effects (nausea, vomiting, fatigue) of chemotherapy and radiation. She says she finds when “patients experience how good they can feel when they relax, they want to take better care of themselves.”

Read more about how energy healing is being used at Greenwich Hospital here.

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