How Meditation Benefits Your Bio-Energy

Meditation | Meditation Benefits A Person's Bio EnergyJust for a minute, suspend the belief that your body is made of skin and bones and consider much deeper down that you’re also an energy being, somewhat purposefully meandering through this thing called life. So now what? Well, just as the gym and eating properly benefit your physique and organs, in order to maintain optimal health when it comes to your energy system you need practices like yoga and meditation. Why? Because both healing techniques help to activate your body’s energy centers, also known as your chakras.

Nilkanth Maladkar takes a look at the effects of meditation and yoga on a person’s bio-energy (modern medicine’s term for a person’s body energy) in this latest Times of India post. According to Maladkar, problems arise when the energy that should be circulating through the body becomes stagnant. Yoga and meditation help to restore balance.

When all six body chakras get activated through the awakened kundalini, the body metabolism starts working wonderfully. The practise of inverse yogic postures causes a natural flow of solar and lunar energy currents that activate the pituitary and pineal glands. At the same time, energy release prompts the endocrine and other glands to start functioning efficiently. There is a harmonious circulation of bio-energy rejuvenating the yogi to be strong and fit in the world. For him, then the problems of life appear too small because by then, he has transcended the affairs of the world and can derive a supernatural and incomparable enjoyment of life from the resultant bio-energy.

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