How Meditation Can Change Your Life

Unfortunately, many of us walk around this world with our hearts closed. With justified resentment, we choose to wait until another changes his or her behavior before at last returning to that sweet state of grace…of love. Why do we wait? What does it matter? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been reminded that I’m only here for a very short amount of time and to try to keep my heart open as much as possible.

In this latest Crazy Sexy Life post from Rolf Gates, the beautiful path to self acceptance and self responsibility through meditation is discussed. Using his daughter’s birth as his meditation jumping off point, Gates beautifully shares with us how he frees himself from suffering, and in doing so, cultivates the freedom to be who he is.

Meditation has a unique role in the unraveling of human suffering. Most of the time, we are so caught up in our suffering that the cause of it remains entirely obscure. We think our suffering is caused by everything and anything, except the workings of our own mind. Humanity has a genius for getting it wrong. A few days of silence and we begin to see the pattern our thinking weaves over reality. This pattern inhabits the space between us and everything and everybody else. This pattern drifts about within us, obscuring our very relationship to ourselves.

As I began to see my thinking as a habitual reaction rather than the truth of the way things were or the truth of the way I am, I began to be free to make new choices. Noah Levine, the meditation teacher, taught me to “Reflect on my mind rather than to react from it.” What a freedom! Einstein called the habit-bound mind a “sort of prison.” My experience of the effect of meditation has been a new sort of freedom: the freedom to choose to be the person I wish to be, unencumbered by the person I have been.

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