How Meditation Can Help A Business Meeting

Meditation | Use Meditation To Increase Business Meeting ProductivityWe all know by now that a meditation practice can have both positive mental and physical benefits to those who choose to undertake the courageous journey. The question is, how do we take that practice and use it to our benefit when not sitting in the comfort of our living room? One study out of Japan thinks they have an answer.

In this latest Air & Business Travel News, Sara Turner reports on a recent study done by the Kyoto Convention Bureau which shows that positive productivity benefits are possible by incorporating a purposeful meditation before the start of a business meeting. The study found that when session delegates were offered a 10-minute meditation prior to the start of the meeting an average improvement of 12.5% occurred in tasks completed.

James Kent from the Kyoto Convention Bureau said future events and meetings were likely to include some form of meditiation.

“The findings of the survey are simply astonishing. Japan has traditionally been known for meditation and we are very happy to have some of the finest schools of meditation and teachers here,” he said…

…These simple 10-minute meditation exercises are not meant to take time away from people’s work, but to help them be more successful at their jobs, he added.

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