How Meditation Can Help With Affirmations

There are many philosophies out there that believe if you change the way you think you will change your reality. As a result, many of these same philosophies profess that changes to a person’s thinking can be accomplished with positive affirmations. Unfortunately, regardless of how many positive affirmation stickies you have on your bathroom mirror, changing your deep seeded beliefs might be more difficult than you think. Here’s why.

According to this Hub Page article by Vibhavari, the reason why simple affirmations don’t do the trick is due to the part of the brain we access when we repeat them. Outlining the differences between the conscious, subconscious, and super conscious mind, Vibhavari shares how meditation can help us delve deeper into the brain where wave states exist that can actually affect change.

The main reason that just parroting affirmations just does not work is because the affirmation is being practiced by the weaker conscious mind, in a Beta state of consciousness and has no impact on the beliefs, compulsions and emotions held deep in the powerful subconscious mind. The beta state of mind is also incompatible with tuning into thoughts that are encoded into memory while in Alpha, Theta or Delta brainwave state. Thus in order for the new affirmation to take root, one has to be able to access it in the slower brainwave state of alpha, theta and delta.

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