How Meditation Can Help You Keep Peace At Work

Meditation | Meditation Helps Prevent Relationship Problems At WorkYou know what they say, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. I wonder which one holds true when it comes to the people you work with?

Let’s face it, co-workes can be annoying, even somewhat nasty at times. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon which perspective you hold, a clash of personalities at work can either become an enlightening experience or a situation you dread dealing with day-in and day-out. Fortunately, if you are reading this post, there is a solution: meditation.

Checkout this latest Care 2 post on using meditation to keep the peace when on the job. According to Delia Quigley, our tendency is to see ourselves as separate from others. In doing so, unfortunately we don’t consider other people’s struggles and interpersonal difficulties. As a result, we throw up walls. Practicing meditation, however, can help get you in touch with your compassionate side so as to not only consider the other, but also how we ourselves contribute to the conflict.

If you are embroiled in an antagonistic relationship with a co-worker, make sure you take an honest look at how you are contributing to the conflict. The spiritual journey is not meant to be without bumps and mountains to climb. And just because you practice meditation doesn’t mean that you won’t experience conflict, anger, or resentment in your work or with your colleagues. On the contrary, conflict, anger, and resentment are the reality of human nature. It is how the mind handles these negative emotions that separates those who meditate from those who don’t meditate. Meditation helps you to break the cycle of your mental afflictions and surrender your attachment to being controlled by your emotions.

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