How Meditation Can Save Your Law Career

Meditation | Meditation Is A Mind Body Centering Technique Used For Stress ManagementWhen it comes to meditation and business, the main reason why a person chooses to undertake this mind body centering technique isn’t necessarily for spiritual enlightenment. Rather, most business people tend to pick up a meditation practice to help relieve job related stress and anxiety. And no other group of individuals could benefit more from meditation than those practicing law.

Amanda Enayati, in this recent CNN post, explores the growing trend among attorneys to pursue meditation as a way to stay centered and calm despite their overwhelming job demands. For many, according to Enayati, meditation presents a welcome stress-relieving-alternative to alcohol and other substances.

The earliest organized meditation retreat for lawyers was held in October 1998 for Yale law students and faculty. Since then, mindfulness practices have popped up with increasing frequency – from national conferences on mindful lawyering to courses in law schools (CUNY and the University of Miami, among them) to retreats for trial lawyers, workshops for judges, and continuing legal education for practicing attorneys at Zen and Buddhist centers.

Growing numbers of attorneys are embracing some form of practice to achieve mindfulness. Their reasons for doing so are varied, but chief among them are stress management and improved mental and physical health – benefits backed by research findings from scientists at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania, among others.

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