How Meditation Creates Miracles

Meditation | Expect Miracles To Happen When You Practice MeditationFor many of us, we travel this life journey in a rather unconscious state. Meaning, behaving in a way that isn’t necessarily aligned with our highest good. The question is, what is one’s highest good and how does a person get there? The reason why meditation is a good start is because any practice, by nature, gently guides one to seek meaning, acceptance, and direction from within, rather than from the external world.

Checkout this recent Express Buzz post for a good overview of meditation and its roots in spirituality. According to the article, not only does meditation hold within it profound physical benefits, but also has a powerful way of transforming lives through deep and meaningful communion with God.

While meditation helps to boost the will power and intelligence, spirituality, on the other hand, brings about a communion with God. At times, when humanity suffers due to inaccessibility to spiritualism and divinity, an access to divinity and God is possible through meditation and spiritualism. Meditation and spirituality bring about an unusual transformation in the quality of life and particularly that of mind, in case the practice is consistently done. These two aspects can liberate humanity from the undesirable earthly bondages and agonies of life due to which the mind, body and soul lead to a distorted set up of normal life.

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