How Open Is Your Heart Chakra?

Meditation | Use Meditation To Access Your Chakra SystemBeverly Golden from The Huffington Post gives us a timely (Valentine’s Day) review of the body’s central organ…the heart. From the biological/physical perspective she sheds light on the fact that regardless of popular belief, the human heart is not shaped as such.  A much more descriptive visual would be to clench both of your hands together – but I don’t think that would work for Hallmark.

Golden goes on to explore the meaning of the heart from a much more insightful perspective weaving in Chinese Medicine and HeartMath, as well as the ever important chakra system where the heart energy center is actually located in the center of the chest (not the left hand side) and isn’t red, but rather green – a color associated with harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature.

The heart has been used throughout history as a symbol of spiritual, emotional, moral and intellectual core of a human being. The symbol of the heart is used universally to represent love, particularly romantic love, its deep red color representing both blood and passion. Classical scientists and philosophers, including Aristotle, believed that the heart was the seat of thought, reason or emotion, often rejecting the brain’s value and instead viewing the heart as the seat of the soul. The word “heart” originates from the Latin “cor,” which means soul or feeling and in most cultures, references to the heart have continued to be used metaphorically for deep feelings and emotions.

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