How Qigong Promotes Harmony And Balance

For those familiar with alternative therapies, the practice of Qigong represents another possible tool in a large tool box. For those in the East, however, Qigong represents a way of life and the key to harmony and balance. A combination of movement, breathing and meditation, Qigong is used to treat a variety of ailments.

In this recent post from The Independent, the ancient practice of Qigong is explored. According to the article, the primary purpose of Qigong is to promote the proper flow of Qi, or a person’s life force energy. There are several forms, and although the general principle is similar, the end result can vary. For example, the Taoist version focuses on longevity and virtue. Buddhist Qigong, concentrates on freeing the mind so that the body will follow. While Confucian Qigong looks to help provide high moral character and intelligence.

“People nowadays are too influenced by the outside environment, which has reduced the sensitivity of the body itself. And Qigong or ‘taiji’ is a way of helping you rebuild this connection, when you set yourself into that kind of ‘quiet’, really quiet atmosphere, you can feel yourself, feel those tiny changes in your own body, and that’s amazing!”

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