How Simple Meditation Can Save Your Life

Meditation Benefits | Use A Simple Meditation To Experience Profound Health BenefitsLet’s face it, if everyone had an extra hour a day, of course they’d be using it to practice meditation. While not necessarily true, what is true is that despite popular thinking, meditation benefits can be obtained in as little as 10 minutes, not hours.

Former Buddhist monk and Meditation guru Andy Puddicombe, interviewed in this recent Wales Online post about the benefits of meditation, says that meditation not only decreases stress and anxiety (as well as cholesterol and high blood pressure), but the practice can also be helpful with sleeping disorders and fertility problems. Key to Puddicombe’s teachings is that results can be obtained relatively quickly with ongoing practice.

“I want to get as many people as possible to take 10 minutes out of their day to get a bit of headspace,” he says, having swapped his orange robes for a sharp suit, his shaved head the only vestige of his monk days.

“Most people think they haven’t got time to meditate, they think they’re going to have to sit down for an hour and you really don’t.

“You wouldn’t run a marathon if you’ve never trained before, you start with a short run and build up – and it’s the same with meditation.”

Puddicombe’s not about sitting cross-legged on the floor, chanting ’Om’. Instead he’s hoping to demystify the ancient practice so more people take it up and reap the health-giving rewards.

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