How Tibetan Singing Bowls Can Deepen Your Meditation

Some people use silence, others a candle, and some use sound. These are just three helpful tools that a person can utilize when trying to break free from the monkey mind that prohibits a true meditative state. And although candles are great for focusing and silence can provide a powerful and challenging “void” to bump up against, there’s nothing like the sound that comes from Tibetan Singing Bowls to help penetrate your being and awaken your Spirit.

In this recent Calgary Herald article, Mario Toneguzzi interviews Knox United Church’s Rev. Drew Strickland and introduces us to the powerful effect Tibetan Singing Bowls can have on a person’s meditation practice. Reporting on meditation and the Christian season of Lent, according to Strickland, the sound emitted from these bowls helps to deepen consciousness and declutter the mind.

“We’re heading into the spring. Lent in the Christian traditions is about the lengthening of days,” adds Strickland. “There’s a lot of people who are moving in the meditative direction either doing meditation, mindful meditation or yoga of various types. John is someone who came to my attention, probably about five years ago, because . . . he has sound sessions for therapy.

“The sound of the Tibetan bowls historically and today touches people and touches deep areas of their unconsciousness and it tends to bring people into the state of real peace where they are decluttered. And their inner interior decluttering opens them for healing to take place in their lives.”

Read more from Toneguzzi and his interview with Rev. Drew Strickland here.

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