How To Cultivate Fearlessness Through Meditation

One of the biggest drawbacks in meditating is that you get to look at your fear. Why a drawback? Because unfortunately, if you don’t know that under the fear is peace, love, serenity, and joy, a person might run away from a meditation practice before they even start. Maybe this is the Universe’s way of seeing who really wants to be happy!?

In this Times of India post from Sant Rajinder Singh, meditation as a means to look inward with the intention of identifying with one’s soul is explored. According to Singh, although behind many people’s fears are fears of death, loss, and pain, the practice of meditation holds within it the opportunity to transcend your fear to feel the connectedness of all.

When we see the same Light that is within our soul in all other souls, we experience connectedness with all forms of life. With such a bond of unity, we realise that all beings are members of our family and life becomes one joyous reunion with everyone we meet. The joy of family gatherings extends to the whole of humanity. Love permeates all our dealings because we are among our universal family and friends. By journeying within, we can reach this state and consider all creation our family and all places our home.

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