How To Do A Nostril Meditation

While it would be nice if all of us could walk around in a calm and balanced state for most of the day, the truth is that with all of life’s pressures, finding that grounding space within ourselves in which to experience a sense of relaxation and safety can be challenging to cultivate. Especially on the fly.

And while it might be unrealistic for you to grab your meditation pillow, sit down in a quiet space, and practice meditation for 20 to 30 minutes, there are plenty of quick and easy on-the-go and at-your-desk meditations that a person can employ to get results.

Tony Samara shares one such meditation in this Care 2 post. It’s called the nostril meditation and is used to help a person back to a more balanced state.

  • Sitting in a comfortable position on a cushion or in a chair, take a few gentle deep breaths to allow your body to become more relaxed. Now, using the finger and thumb of one hand we are going to alternate the breath through each nostril.
  • Close your right nostril with your thumb and take a gentle deep breath through your left. Now change and, closing the left nostril with your forefinger, breathe out through the right,
  • Keeping the same nostril closed, breathe in gently again through the right and then change to breathe out through the left. Continue with this pattern for as long as you wish.

Read more from Samara on the nostril meditation here.

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