How To Do An Open Eye Meditation

There’s no doubt that meditation can help bring us back to the moment. Living in the world in which we live, with all its unpredictable ups and downs, I don’t know about you but focusing on past experiences or anticipating future events doesn’t really leave me feeling calm and relaxed. Call me crazy, but it’s only in the present moment that peace is found.

And while there are literally hundreds of ways to get into the moment, one sure way is by practicing an open eye meditation.

Anna Warwick, in this recent Northside post, interviews May Ip, a meditation teacher at Brahma Kumaris Meditation Place in Willoughby (Australia) on the benefits of meditation. According to Ip, meditation is about letting go of negativity in order to think more positively. She teaches an open eye meditation to help accomplish that.

1. Sit down in a comfortable position. The mind will still be racing around. Quietly affirm “I am a peaceful soul” to remind yourself that you are sending out positive vibrations. The aim is not to empty the mind of thought, because that is impossible and is the mind’s job, just to observe it.

2. Gently focus your attention on the centre of your forehead. This is where the soul resides. Visualise yourself reconnecting with the supreme soul. Be in the awareness of the soul consciousness.

3. Affirm to yourself, “I remember who I am. I am a child of the supreme. I enjoy being in the light and love of the supreme, whereby I regain my purity.”

4. Once you feel united, you can send your positive energy to all.

Read more of Warwick’s interview with May Ip here.

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