How To Get Started With Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. That said, if you are beginning a meditation practice or thinking about starting one, having a useful how-to-meditation-guide to help give you confidence in those yet uncharted waters can sometimes provide just the right amount of support needed for you to grab that meditation pillow, light that candle, and plop your rear end down on the living room floor for 20-minutes of focused internal reflection.

In this recent CNN post, Elizabeth Landau, with some help from meditation giant Sharon Salzberg, discuss everything meditation. Not only covering what a meditation practice is and how to start, Salzberg also gives valuable beginning meditation tips including how long to sit, whether or not you need a teacher, and why a person should meditate in the first place.

How do I start?

“We start with ourselves, and developing more kindness and compassion toward ourselves,” Salzberg said. Focus on your breathing, but don’t get frustrated if you lose concentration after three or four breaths. Try not to think about anything except your breath for as many breaths as you can.

Try to feel one breath fully and then the next, let go and come back. In some ways it’s like exercising, she said.

It may be 10 seconds before you realize that your attention has wandered away. Don’t berate yourself; be kind to yourself and gently let go of that thought, so you can bring yourself back to the breath, she said.

“That’s one example of how we change the relationship to ourselves, which becomes the basis of changing our relationship to others,” she said.

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