How To Honor Your Inner Rebel

Maybe you’ve had the experience of beginning a meditation practice, only to find yourself rebelling against it every time you muster up the courage to actually sit down. Then, like a sniper waiting in the bushes, the judgements come flying out screaming words like “failure” and “not good enough.” Unfortunately, you end up settling into those messages and completely miss the opportunity to deal with the inner rebel or saboteur who is keeping you from a visceral connection to the Divine.

In this LA Yoga Magazine article from author and meditation teacher Dr. Lorin Roche, the topic of listening to, rather than ignoring the voice of the rebel is discussed. According to Roche, by listening to the voice and even accommodating its requests, you allow yourself the opportunity to stay in the flow and not work against it.

Welcoming the rebel may mean listening to the feeling, “I don’t want to meditate today,” and finding out what it wants. To honor such a feeling means taking it so seriously that you would be willing not to meditate in your usual way, but rather enter the feeling, explore it, let it teach you. Welcome the rebellion, then listen to it. The rebel is there to make sure you do not become enslaved in an external system that takes away your inner authority, your inner freedom, or oppresses you in any way. If you don’t start with freedom, you won’t end up there.

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