How To Let Go Of Whatever Is Making You Nuts

Whether you live in a big city on the coast or a small town in the middle (and everywhere in between), navigating through life can be stressful, anxiety provoking, and down-right frustrating at times. It’s hard to operate in a world where you basically have no control – don’t believe me, try to stop thinking for one whole minute (meditating doesn’t count).

Sue Freeman Culverhouse, in this recent Clarksville post, gives us 4 things to consider when we’re ready to give up a crazy life. Besides recognizing your limitations, filling your life with activities that give you a greater sense of well being, and getting therapy (no joke), Culverhouse suggests learning how to manage your stress through, you guessed it, meditation.

Learn how to relieve your stress through exercise, meditation or whatever works for you—and then do it!

I used to have a friend whose mother-in-law lived with her husband and her. The elderly lady was a martinet and my friend who did not want to start another World War would not confront her. My friend would drive her car into the country and scream out all the things she would really like to say to the Mother-in-law from the Underworld. By the time she finished her scream therapy, she was fine to go back into the fray. Time, of course, eventually took care of the problem when the old woman died. My friend’s marriage outlasted the disaster.

Some people can relieve their anguish by walking or jogging to relieve tension. Others find solace in closing the door to a room they find calming and meditating for a while each day. Still others learn that deep breathing when something begins to irritate them can head off anxiety.

Read more about Culverhouse’s 4 considerations to give up a crazy life here.

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