How To Lose Your Mind In A Positive Way

And so the saying goes, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” A somewhat true statement, the mind is an extremely powerful tool that when used properly can have a tremendously powerful effect on your life. That said, what about that same tool that causes you to be distracted, fearful, and confused. It’s the same mind. So what to do?

Ed and Deb Shapiro, two amazing meditation and spiritual teachers, shed light on how to lose your mind in a positive way in their latest Huffington Post. According to the Shapiros, key to separating from those thoughts which cause you difficulty is realizing that it’s the ego-mind that is running amok, similar to an out of control monkey.

It should be noted here that we are talking about the ego-mind that we deal with daily and that gets so caught up in itself that it cannot see outside of its basic selfish nature. Through meditation we can become aware of its games and go beyond the fixation of “all about me” to see the wisdom-mind that is radiant, altruistic and free.

But being locked in the mind is like having your head stuck in a cardboard box with no escape. All we are able to see are our own issues going round and round. The mind that perpetually repeats itself becomes its own enemy, as resentments, hurt, desire and bitterness are relentless.

Yet, to top it all, this is considered to be normal. We even proclaim, “My mind is so busy it’s driving me crazy!” as if this were some sort of achievement. Despite that the mind is habitual and neurotic, we continue to believe our issues are real and play the dramas out over and again, like a dog chasing its own tail.

So how do we break this pattern? We only find peace when we finally get the message that to be living inside our heads all the time is actually not much fun. When we reach such a point of dissatisfaction and have had our fill of suffering, when the monkey mind is exhausted, then a shift can begin to take place — a shift of emphasis.

Read about Ed and Deb’s take on how to use meditation to experience some peace amidst the chaos here.

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