How To Pay Attention To What You Are Doing

Ask anybody if they are conscious of what they are doing every minute of the day and you are sure to get a resounding “No”. Who hasn’t found themselves participating in some activity only to become aware of what they were doing after the fact? Becoming aware of all that we do isn’t a reality. But getting better should be a goal for everyone.

Martijn Schirp in his recent High Existence post focuses on the practice of meditation as a means by which to become more aware in our everyday lives. Drawing from his own personal “non-conscious participation” experiences, Schirp sheds light on meditation and gives us a comprehensive look at the what, why, and how of meditation.

According to Schirp, meditation provides the best way to train the mind. By practicing regularly, a person is less prone to agitation and more prone to clarity. Schirp also discusses several meditation techniques from the more “simplistic” to the more “challenging” like Vipassana.

If you have achieved a stable level of concentration you can move to Vipassana or insight meditation. The goal of this meditation is to be aware of every single sensation that makes up your reality. Don’t reject anything but accept life as it is. Focus on how all your sensations in your body change all the time. Not one moment is the same, it’s exactly as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said ‘it is impossible to step in the same river twice’. Keep your focus on the arising and passing away again.

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