How To Pick A Meditation Pillow

Ask any seasoned meditator and they will tell you that comfort is key when meditating (unless of course, you are doing a meditation to work through sitting in pain). Who wants to be in discomfort as they sit for 20 to 30 minutes or longer cultivating a peaceful internal relationship with oneself? In all reality, any good cushion will do. Heck, even a blanket folded up can do the trick. That said, there are several meditation pillows available for the more die-hard meditator.

In this recent post from E.C. LaMeaux, the question of how to pick a meditation pillow is discussed. According to LaMeaux, the type of pillow you want to use depends upon where you meditate.

If you’re meditating on the hard floor, most experts recommend a two-level pillow. The bottom level cushion, or zabutan, usually measures about 31-inches-by-26 inches, but can also come in different sizes. The best material for your zabutan is solid foam. On top of that cushion you’ll place a smaller pillow, a zafu, for lumbar support. The zafu is usually about 15 inches square or round, with a lift of about 5 inches. The most popular zafus are filled with foam, down or buckwheat hulls and, again, come in different sizes.

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