How To Practice Meditation In 10 Minutes

Meditation | Meditation Can Provide Focus And DirectionIf you’re an alpha type of person, finding the time to meditate can be as challenging as getting people to do what you want them to do. And although the former is definitely much easier than the later, when it comes to focusing inward for upwards of 10 minutes might seem impossible without a solid plan.

Kala Ambrose pens this recent Huffington Post on the benefit of a 10 minute meditation. According to Ambrose, crucial to any practice is focus on the breath in an attempt to achieve maximum relaxation. Here are her directions:

10-Minute Bliss Breaks

Step One: Create a Routine

Establish a set time for your meditation. Perhaps you’ll wake up early in the morning before the rest of your household to have those quiet 10 minutes each day, for others it might be during the lunch hour outside in a park. Many people prefer to meditate in the evening to relax after a busy day and to open their mind to a deeper dream state.

Step Two: Don’t Forget to Breathe

Crucial in any meditation practice is the breath. Regardless of whether you wish to spend 10 minutes or 10 hours in meditation, slow, deep, methodical breathing will relax the body and bring in oxygen to both the lungs and blood stream. It will also help to retain focus and awareness.

Step Three: Relax and Give It Some Time

When beginning a new meditation practice, you may find that it proves to be too difficult to simply relax and think of nothing. Do not feel concerned, you will find that your practice will evolve over time. In the beginning, even deep breathing is good for the body and will relax you. If you’re finding it hard to sit in silence and concentrate on nothing, you may prefer to explore guided meditations.

Read more from Ambrose including information on guided meditations and creative visualizations here.

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