How To Practice Rapid Relaxation

If you’re anything like me, you want to feel relaxed and you want it right now. Of course, it never dawns on us the obvious reason for the apparent state of unrest. Let’s face it, we have little control when it comes to how this world operates. I know that many of you would like to think that you are flawlessly alpha and therefore this rule doesn’t apply to you. But if you don’t believe me, head on over to the beach and try to stop the waves from coming in. Gotta love nature.

Luckily, Clifford N. Lazarus penned this latest Psychology Today post specifically for us. In it, Lazarus outlines a quick and easy 6-step relaxation technique for people on the go. According to Lazarus, practicing mini relaxation techniques throughout the day can also help you to be more alert and better able to concentrate.

Merely taking the weight off your feet, sitting down or lying down, letting tense muscles loosen up, and breathing more slowly, changes your blood chemistry and has a profound effect on your nervous system. If you made a point of doing this for about two minutes at a time, five to ten times a day, you would be decreasing your stress levels and producing several health-enhancing effects.

Here’s the simple process:

• take a couple of minutes every few hours,

• sit back in a relaxed position,

• close your eyes,

• breathe slowly,

• let your tense muscles become loose,

• imagine a pleasant scene.

Read more from Lazarus on this rapid relaxation technique here.

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