How To Relax And Keep Calm Anywhere

Meditation Benefits | Use Meditation To Find Peace In Your LifeWhile it’s all fine and good practicing meditation in the comfort of our own homes, since most of us spend a majority of our day outside of where we live, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to cultivate mindfulness and a sense of relaxation everywhere we went? And although practicing meditation at home doesn’t necessarily ensure that we’ll feel any better after, at least it’s easier than trying to focus within while trying to hail a cab at 42nd and Broadway.

Allison Gammons pens this recent Shape post outlining 5 tips to help people find peace in their lives. According to Gammons, top on the list is deciding on a practice that fits with you and your unique personality.  Oh yeah, and since it takes time to learn how to relax, consider practicing more than once.

Find a technique that works for you. Two forms that have a lot of research backing them up are Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation according to Dr. Rodebaugh, assistant professor of psychology at Washington University in Saint Louis. Do your research to see which methods are most practical for you.

Think long-term. Relaxation techniques take time and practice, so it’s no surprise that after just one session of Mindfulness Meditation one is not suddenly cured of stress. “It takes the longer practice for those techniques to make an impact in a person’s life,” Dr. Rodebaugh says. Hang in there!

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