How To Teach Your Children Yoga And Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Builds Confidence And Focus In ChildrenSo when’s the best age for your children to learn how to drop into downward dog and maybe do a little “Om” chanting? I would guess as soon as possible, but hey, I’m a strong believer in helping kids to keep their relationship with themselves sacred for as long as possible. Though some may argue the point that teaching children meditation, something that they will not understand the meaning of until years later, is a waste of time, planting the seeds of self reflection, agility, and commitment can never come too early.

In this latest post from Amy Lamperti, the topic of “young’uns” yoga and meditation is discussed. According to the Parsippany Patch article, key to teaching children these relaxation methods is to get them when they are full of energy (like at bedtime).

Learning to hold yourself still and quiet, your mind is a timeless art. According to Kofman, some of the benefits she sees in kids include improved strength, stamina, coordination and digestion.

Children also enhance their ability to concentrate and focus, manage stress and relax themselves in order to fall asleep.

Kofman talked about how Yoga is a great complement to other sports because it teaches children to care for their bodies without the stress of competition and provides much-needed stretching.

Slowing down and focusing on a single task is very difficult for children, who live in a world that demands multitasking and constant hurrying.

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