How To Use Meditation When Your Mind Is The Problem

Meditation | Practice Meditation To Control An Over Active MindWhether you like it or not, all problems center in the mind and are born from a person’s attachment to results, or rather, their expectation of certain results. And while it would be nice for a person to be able to automatically disengage from that monkey mind, the truth is, we’re hard wired for it.

In this recent Wausau Daily Herald post, licensed professional counselor Mark Rossano discusses how many people seek out therapy due to their somewhat over-active and out of control minds. And although many people are afraid that they are in the process of “losing their minds,” according to Rossano, losing one’s mind might just be the best solution.

So when a client comes into my office with the above problem, she might say something like this: “Mark, I feel like I am losing my mind.” And given that her problem at that point is her mind, my first response wants to be, “Well, go right ahead. It might do you some good.”

The interesting thing is that this client’s statement, born out of frustration and laden often with emotional pain, contains within it the very answer to the problem. She realizes that thinking is her problem. Her mind, uncontrolled and in overdrive, is literally betraying her and driving her crazy. Far from losing her mind, she has become captive to it and now needs a plan of escape.

So, if you find yourself often struggling with a restless and anxious mind, what I would like to offer is a practice called meditation.

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