How To Use Sahaj Yoga To Access The Divine

It is somewhat common knowledge that kundalini or divine energy lies just below the sacrum at the base of the spine. For yoga practitioners, the purpose of the practice is to awaken and stimulate this energy such that it rises through the body’s energy centers or chakras. In doing so, the hope is to increase a person’s mental, physical and spiritual processes.

Sahaj Yoga, a practice which has been made popular by Mata Nirmala Devi, helps people deal with stress and suffering. Kavita Kanan Chandra, in this Times of India post, not only explores the practice of Sahaj Yoga (now practiced in over 90 countries worldwide) but explains in depth how each of the body’s chakras are effected when one’s kundalini is activated.

If we are tense we cannot utilise the full potential of mind. Tension and anger have to be controlled. If this area of the spine is awakened, one can control one’s anger. The last chakra is the sahasrura chakra and represents all the five elements of the universe. Its place is the centre of the palm. This chakra attributes the qualities of collective consciousness and integration.

Read more about Sahaj Yoga and how this practice can help you connect to your Divine Energy to promote optimal health and well being here.

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  1. Sahajayoga is a wonderful experience of life. It make kundalini awakening, and self realisation which leads to peace of mind and tranquility. Makes changes inside out. It totally transforms the personality. Jai Shri Mataji.