How To Use Your Android To Fix Yourself

Living in this fast-paced, media over-hyped world, it must be fairly obvious by now that in order to cope most people need some sort of outlet to help to relieve their stress and anxiety. Some turn to sports, others to meditation. Unfortunately, many turn to their gadgets with the hope of feeling some sort of control, yet only find that it makes them even more stressed and anxious. What if you could combine stress relief with your favorite gadget?

Checkout this review from AppBrain on the popular Android app Brainwave Tuner Light. The free app generates tones with binaural beats intended to help train your brain when you want to be more relaxed or more alert. A self hypnosis program of sorts, Brainwave Tuner Light includes 10 preset sound patterns:

– Headache Therapy: Helps alleviating headaches with a mixture of steady low theta (5Hz) and mid-alpha (10Hz) waves.
– Meditation: Concentrating on this tone helps quickly attaining a meditative state of mind.
– Schumann Resonance: Helps meditating with a steady 7.83Hz alpha tone. This is also the resonance of the Earth’s magnetic field, making it a very natural meditative frequency.
– Sleep Induction: Gently slows the brain frequency down to a 3Hz delta wave, which usually occurs in a deep sleep thus to gradually induce one’s sleepiness.
– Relaxation: Helps to relax with a basic sweep from a regular beta wave (15Hz) down to a low alpha wave (7Hz), in order to save you from certain intense strain.
– Self-hypnosis: Helps getting into a self-hypnotic state. The user should listen to the repeating sound and concentrate on it.
– Edge of Consciousness: Discover the true meaning of life and consciousness with this track taking you to the very edge of the conscious mind.
– Earth Peace Night: This is an Earth Meditation track that helps relax and mediate.
– Attention Increase: Helps focusing by bringing the brain to a high beta frequency. The frequency is lowered briefly once every 15 seconds to keep the brain more receptive.
– Intelligent Increase: This 10Hz alpha tone helps increase the blood flow in the brain, promote dendrite and synapse growth, increase IQ points and cognitive abilities.

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